35 years of links


The Past and the Future do not exist without the Present.

A Present that tells us to be aware of our fragility, of our being all interconnected, “all links of the same chain” – using a phrase we love.

This “chain” was interrupted in 2020, showing us a world context that no one could have imagined ever.

We wanted to dedicate this page to this “historical moment”, describing our 35th anniversary with an image that proposes the past and the future “in the present”, a “chain” made up of relationships and work that symbolizes an uphill journey and a “present” that wants to go back to building relationships, to building again the links of this chain that connect us all together in time and space.

35 years spent looking for technical solutions, believing in technology as a tool and in humans as the beginning and the end of an entire life rather than a working path. 35 years spent among the grams of silver and the links of 3000 different chains, with smiles, handshakes, hugs and the words of many different languages.

We have changed and we will change again to adapt ourselves and to continue building this kind of “beautiful chain”.

Other News


The first appointment with the digression dedicated to the history and the manufacturing development of the chain throughout history: the chain’s birth as jewelry.