Clara our designer since 1986


The study of chains also passes through the combination of research and design, in order to match the comfort and the stylistic potential of each model

This step evolves in each production phase and reaches the prototyping of wearable tewels born from thie combination of chains and semt finished products

The perfect evaluation of the potential of a chain pushes us to make it better in all its aspects the final result is the only goal to be achieved optimize every single phase of production allows us to make chains easier to wear and well combinable with other accessories and tendants.

For this Clara analyzes the trends of the jewellgry market, doing if we can work to make our chains functional to this specific use.

Clara has been creating and combining with passion since 1986

Pariner of croma catene and wife, she joined roberto since the beginning.

entirely dedicating herself to the creative side of the company

enhance the flagship products in an eclectic way giving visibility and combining them with her creations.

After 36 years shes still at the forefront with roberto, maico and the entire staff of croma



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Thank you for coming VicenzaOro January 2024 edition

The VicenzaOro January 2024 edition has surprised us again this year in the 70th year of its opening: new booths embellished the expo, new positive prospects and a record number of visitors were an important and encouraging hope for the coming year. The January show has

a fox made of silver chain in the middle of a forest of chains

The Silver Fox

Once upon a time, a fox named Argentia was famous throughout the animal kingdom for her shrewdness and tenacity in solving problems. She had a special passion for silver and was often fascinated by its reflections. She was convinced that silver imparted an extraordinary beauty