Croma Catene al Vicenza Oro


For us the word “Change” tastes like a hug.

It was January 22nd 2020 and in VicenzaOro we said “goodbye” with a smile, convinced that we would soon meet again and hug each other again. 3 years gone away, certainly not easily, full of upheavals that have forced us to change life and business dynamics and relationships. 2021 and 2022 allowed us to see each other again, but without feeling really free.


This year we are finally ready to meet again and we can do it by welcoming you “at home”, in our stand that, this year, changes position and takes the opportunity to renew its “look”. At Vicenza Oro January 2023 we will be in the hall 4 booth n. 240, very close to where we have always been in the last editions, but this time we will have a digital window on the main corridor, a window that we will use to communicate, to present the products and to tell you about how we plan to face the next few years. Surely on this monitor in the following years we could review the images of the fairs, your faces, your smiles and always thank you for coming to visit us.

The January fair for us is always the “departure”, the beginning of each year, the push that keeps us going and working to build many links of important and significant relationships; we would like to see this year as a new opportunity to welcome you, to put you at ease and approach this period together which is certainly complex for everyone. This is why we are waiting for you from January 20th at VicenzaOro January 2023, we will present our novelties and you will be able to touch our collection of more than 3000 different chains, from anchor to curb chains, from Cuban and to our dear “paper clip”.

You will be able to see all our types of diamond cut, plating and the other processes that allow us to make our beloved silver chains shiny and modern. Inside the stand, our consultants will be able to advise and guide you in choosing the silver chains that best suit your needs, both in terms of size and style, and will also show you the trendy products and the most suitable processes to enhance them, will give you information on the reference market and will be able to provide you with all the technical information you need. January 2023 is a crucial moment for us and we want to continue building a future made of relationships, respect, trust and collaboration so that, despite the difficult times, we would love to be supportive for the entire silver market, chains and all jewelry in general. We are at the basement of this market and we strongly feel the weight and the responsibility of this historic moment; for this reason we are even more committed to allowing you to continue to create, compose and combine our chains with your most precious jewels, creating beautiful and brilliant, trendy, long-lasting and resistant as well as comfortable to wear.

See you then in Pav. 4 booth n. 240 in Vicenza Fair from 20 to 24 January 2023 if you wish, you will be our welcome guests and we will be able to discuss to organize and structure our next year together.

Other News


The first appointment with the digression dedicated to the history and the manufacturing development of the chain throughout history: the chain’s birth as jewelry.