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Every journey always begins with a first step, then one foot goes over the other, and once the mechanism is set in motion, everything becomes smoother, more linear, and more sustainable for us.

Today, the word sustainability is very fashionable: we often hear it on TV and read it in the newspapers. Since the beginning of our business journey, we have seen the word sustainable as deeply linked to the relationship with our employees, focusing on their well-being. For us, these are the foundations of a long-term working relationship, which has been our main goal since the beginning of our business journey.

Sustainable means safe for health, because it is crucial for us to ensure the well-being of our employees. We cannot be environmentally sustainable without first being respectful towards people and ourselves. This journey began in 1986 and today has led us to expand the goal of “our sustainability process”. We have renovated the roofs of our factories, adding photovoltaic panels that produce clean energy for 230KWH. We have also invested in a state-of-the-art evaporation plant that purifies 100% of the process water. Last but not least, a solvent recovery plant that improves the quality of our employees’ working environment while minimizing emissions into the atmosphere.

For us, sustainability is synonymous with respect for time, people, territory, environment, and our customers, who are our spokespeople for a virtuous and safe production process.

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The first appointment with the digression dedicated to the history and the manufacturing development of the chain throughout history: the chain’s birth as jewelry.

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The chain has no boundaries in time, geography, genre, or application, spanning the worlds of fashion and jewelry: it alternates in different eras and fascinates for its endless idea of circularity.