The Silver Fox

a fox made of silver chain in the middle of a forest of chains
a fox made of silver chain in the middle of a forest of chains
Once upon a time,

a fox named Argentia was famous throughout the animal kingdom for her shrewdness and tenacity in solving problems. She had a special passion for silver and was often fascinated by its reflections.

She was convinced that silver imparted an extraordinary beauty to everything it shaped. Had seen bracelets and necklaces shining around the necks and arms of the curious tourists she often met in the forest: she admired them from behind a bush, unnoticed, afraid of their reaction. Deep in her heart, she also wanted to be silver too, to be admired.

la volpe d'argento

One day, as she wandered through the forest, she came across a silver spider weaving its shiny web which immediately caught her attention. Coming out of the bush where she was hiding to admire such an extraordinary wonder, and moved by the curiosity of interacting with it, she took courage and with trembling voice asked: “You have such a precious and radiant aspect. How did you earn this beauty?”

The spider looked at her with its thousand little eyes and said: “I have become silver thanks to a fairy forest, made of silver trees, of plants intertwined with the nature that shine at the twilight, a forest entirely silver made.

Argentia immediately craves to fetch that enchanted place. Moved by the desire of that beauty she began to ask other animals where the enchanted place was, if they had ever heard of or seen it, and along the way she met animals of all kinds, with whom she spent hours talking about the fairy forest. Some of them, attracted by Argentia’s extraordinary story, set out with her, sharing her thoughts, her knowledge, adjusting the pace of her walk to the group, learning to appreciate the true skills of each of them. She had never behaved like this before because she was used to living alone. She had never realized the importance of relationships, the beauty of sharing such an experience, and her heart was filled with joy.

But ahead of the group, the forest began to thicken, the passage grew thicker and thicker, and the brambles scratched Argentia’s fur, making it narrower and more tangled. When her sharp snout finally emerged from the brambles, Argentia saw the enchanted forest before her: tall, shining trees, leaves reflecting the setting sun, and a light that warmed her heart like a caress. Immediately she turned to her companions to help them, and a reflection of light caught her attentive gaze, then another and another, each time she moved she noticed that reflection moving, until she reached out a paw to grasp it and realized that her fur had turned silver of a thousand shapes, it had the shape of those bracelets, those necklaces she had always admired in her eyes had become radiant and precious.

I have become silver!” She exclaimed happily to her companions, “Look at me, I am precious and shiny! The fairy forest has done its magic!” Her companions looked at each other in disbelief and amazement, for in their eyes, Argentia had always been like this: shiny and precious.

“Whoever shares his heart receive silver.”

The fable is a literary genre characterized by short compositions, in prose or verse, whose protagonists are usually animals – more rarely plants or inanimate objects – and which are provided with a “moral”. “Our purpose is to reflect on how fortunate we are and how much this market and this work make us people with a strong inclination to share and always looking for lasting relationships that will make us all more “radiant and precious.

“Good Light to all of you who had the willingness and patience to give us two minutes of your precious time”.

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