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ORO AREZZO International Jewellery EXHIBITION is our home fair, a pride for the city of Arezzo which is in tumultuous artistic and intercultural ferment for the occasion.

Arezzo is our home and on a historical level is recognized as the “womb” of the chain as body jewelry. Being a silver chain manufacturer in Arezzo constitutes a strong responsibility that has always pushed us to progress at the technological and manufacturing level to offer our customers products of an increasingly high-quality level.

Hospitality and respect for the territory are two fundamental features of Croma Catene’s DNA: we believe are fundamental for the growth and continuity of a market that extends to the whole world.

We would like to thank all the customers and visitors who visited us on this occasion: for us, it is essential to consolidate the bond created with our customers and create new ones.

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The first appointment with the digression dedicated to the history and the manufacturing development of the chain throughout history: the chain’s birth as jewelry.