Miami, 70s, everybody said that the Cuban chain was born here.

Oval links, symbol of character, of an individuality that wants to express itself in all its originality.

In the historical imagination, the Cuban link is often linked to yellow gold, a flamboyant, powerful, strong necklace.
Our version comes from the metal we prefer: silver and it is suddenly elegant.
A dive into the memory of the 70s, rappers and Hip Hop artists but toned down by our favorite metal that enhances its roundness and shine.
A new Hip Hop? enhances its roundness and shine. A new Hip Hop? Not really, rather, as often happens in fashion, a flashback in the past that is enhanced by the modernity of a frank and sincere metal like silver and by the lighter shapes and sizes that allow this chain to move sinuous as in a dance.

This is how we want to tell you about it while it dives into our galvanic plant, bright, soft and elegant! If you want to dedicate a minute of your time to it, please scan the QR code and you will also see it dancing around the neck of our model, so pure and simple, without accessories.

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The first appointment with the digression dedicated to the history and the manufacturing development of the chain throughout history: the chain’s birth as jewelry.