The chain tightens, binds, decorates, and embellishes.


It has no boundaries in time, geography, genre, or application, spanning the worlds of fashion and jewelry. It alternates in different eras and fascinates for its endless idea of circularity. For us, silver, with its features of timeless elegance and versatility, undoubtedly embraces our interests. If we look at the symbolism bestowed on it in the past, the chain has always symbolized universal values such as honor, love, and fidelity.

On a semantic and iconographic level, it embodies the ideal of slavery and deprivation of human freedom, which therefore gives it a negative meaning. The symbolism associated with the chain that we like to put forward internationally is the one that stands in strong contrast to what has been stated above: for us, the chain is a symbol of social prestige, of beauty to be exhibited in public, and of a strong bond between peoples. Its structure consists of interconnected links of which the links are the basis and the strength that has made it a symbol of “bonding” and connection between peoples since ages.

Connection with God, between earthly and spiritual life, between actions and consequences, between the great opposites of human existence. This is the reason why we decided to base our communication on the “link,” since in English it gathers the meaning of bond, as well as that of the link of our chains.



We chain manufacturers are at the same time promoters of resilient links that we strengthen daily by maintaining contacts with our clients, or when we celebrate a meeting at international trade fairs with a sincere handshake. Every moment for us is an opportunity to strengthen that bond, to toughen that link that will create a better, brighter, softer-touch, versatile, and resilient chain. Investing in technology and innovation is our pact to make this “bond” daily stronger.

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The first appointment with the digression dedicated to the history and the manufacturing development of the chain throughout history: the chain’s birth as jewelry.